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Blog post: You can send a complete blog post to our editorial team keeping in mind the content guidelines and our website requirements.

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It’s up to the editorial team to accept, modify or reject the article. If your contribution gets accepted, it will take 7 business days for the article to get published.

Content guidelines

The intention of the article should be an issue that requires awareness and action. The article may not get accepted if it lacks this element. Secondly, it should be supported by references and opinions of the author.

Blog topic: The topic can be controversial but it should be the ongoing issue highlighting the problems and providing the solutions.

Rejection: If the presented facts and arguments are not genuine in the article. The author should stick to one topic and cover it’s all aspects rather than indulging into multiple areas.

Length: Post should be least 800 – 1000 words, it helps the search engine to understand and optimize for relevant users. If the post is going above 1000 words then it should not compromise the quality of content.

Links: The blog post should contain links from relevant sources because it helps the readers to understand the background of the article.

Intent: The readers are quite aware of the online security and privacy; therefore we consider such articles that focus on the solutions to the problems rather than explaining the problems.

Opinion: Inclusion of personal opinion in the blog post is encouraged.

Style: The use of bullets points or numbered list is acceptable or certain areas of the blog post. But that must be used carefully, an article consisting of a chain of bullet points may get rejected.

Paragraphs: Avoid too long paragraphs and try to use language that could easily be understood by the readers.

Images: Use relevant images to explain the paragraphs. Make sure that image you’re using is present for Commercial use under Common licensing or are legitimate to use.

Deadlines: No submission deadlines, but remember that we publish blogs on the website on weekly basis. If the topic has a limited life, such articles are reviewed on high priority by the editorial team and they get back to you with a verdict.