Most Secure Web Browsers In 2019 – Private Browsers

Our Findings:

We have recently made some good researchers about online privacy through most secured web browsers.  During the research, we found out the answer of what could be the best way to ensure safe internet browsing.

Huge tech companies like Mozilla and Google have already introduced their browsers but even they can’t be considered as the safest options. Even a project namely Tor developed by CIA usually needs smart virtual private network to work secretly.

Introduction to Most Secure Browsers

In the middle of extreme digital age, it has become extremely important to hide your internet activities before you get caught. There are a number of programs which may be called as the efficient ways to ensure safe browsing. In fact, their only job is to protect their users from online monitoring, tracking, stealing, fraud and scam. The most significant challenge for these tools is to keep unauthorized persons away from accessing personal information.

When it comes to transfer sensitive data across internet, secured web browsers are considered the most popular method. However, it has also been reported that some web browsers may actually put users’ privacy at greater risk. Furthermore, government agencies have the rights to utilize data retention and monitoring programs. These problems allow them to collect and keep users data.

All such steps may be necessary for increasing online security but these could have harm online freedom as well. In fact, people don’t want to be tracked while they are using internet. To deal with all such problems, using protected browsers could be the best way. Hence, the use of safe browsers is significantly increased in the past few years.

Top 10 Most Powerful Web Browsers In 2019

There are a number of browsers which are called secured and these are fully capable of collecting data privately. They also help users stay protected from unauthorized access and exploitation of personal data.

Despite the claims, many browsers don’t really provide top class hiding services because much of data related to users activities is provided to the ISPs in one way or the other.

On contrary, few private browsers have proven effective in delivering reliable browsing on popular platforms such as iPhone and Android. However, some regular browsers may also deliver better security on Mac and Windows if linked to the privacy extensions.

1: Tor Web Browser

Tor Browser was introduced to tackle with the increasing privacy concerns over the internet. Due to its advanced technology, it has always been a hot topic among internet users. Users who do care about their regular internet activities prefer to install this browser for maximum security.

This special kind of browser uses highly encrypted channels for communicating information from one to other device all across the internet. Basically, it curbs everyone and everything that tries to track users.

If using Tor, the websites you are visiting will be hidden from the trackers who would also be unaware of your actual location. Besides, you will also be able to visit restricted websites which is usually not possible with a regular browser.

This browser greatly increases internet privacy including protection and masking from government surveillance programs. It also allows online traffic move through secret tunnels which means trackless location and secured communication.

You don’t have to install Tor on Mac, Linux or even Windows as it is designed to use without installation. Besides, it can also be run directly from a Flash USB drive. Its pre-tested secrecy features ensures 100% obscurity for users.

How It Works?

The Tor Browser is also known as “Onion Router” because of its complicated routing concept. Similar to an onion that is made of multiple layers, the Tor develops its routing. In simple words, users’ data is encrypted through multiple encryption layers before it gets released on internet. The original information is delivered to the receiver after multiple decryption process.

Tor works in such an amazing way that the decryption process does not let the sender’s location revealed. The complex layered process makes it almost impossible for spies to catch the communication sources. Therefore, the onion routing concept is considered to be brilliantly perfect for secure surfing.

What Makes Tor Different Than Others?

Tor is particularly favorite browser in the regions with limited access to internet. For instant, China, Russia, Germany and Iran have blocked some websites which cannot be accessed by their citizens on regular browsers. Hence, internet users prefer to use Tor to help them access restricted websites. In short, Tor has enabled users regain their independence.

Edward Joseph Snowden who is an American citizen and employed by CIA leaked extremely sensitive data from NSA database in 2013. It is believed that he revealed stolen information by using Tor Browser to send information to the media. On the other hand, a large number of common internet users prefer to use Tor Browser to keep them in private mode while surfing internet through computers and other devices.

2: Firefox Focus

The Mozilla has launched Firefox Focus which is a great addition to top class anonymity browsers. The basic design of Firefox Focus aims to protect users’ data. Initially, it is providing security to iOS users only. The good news is that Firefox focus has been updated to cover up android users. It is not just a highly secured internet browser but also has an impressive design.

It is the best guard against those websites which try to monitor customers’ activities for various reasons not just limited to advertisement. The Firefox Focus has various amazing features and one of them is dedicated to block ads.

It prevents advertisers monitoring, tracking and tracing back potential customers’ experiences. Once it gets activated, it ensures delivering more ease at the end of users who are always looking for something easier to handle.

The history removal process is just a click away as you just need to click “Erase” and all your history will be immediately deleted. This is what makes Firefox Focus is the focus of sensitive users.

3: Avira Scout

A popular antivirus company “Avira” has also introduced a private browser it named as “Avira Scout Browser”. This chromium technology focused privacy browser has various plugins which actually increase its reliability. Some of the most popular features of Avira Scout which bring it into the list of most powerful browsers are private searches, HTTPS protection and anti tracking shield.

Some of the essential extensions of the program are incorporated by the Scout itself and thus nobody can think of detaching them. Some other useful extensions which may be part of the future versions are cloud scanning and AV scanning facilities.

4: Epic Browser

The chromium technology was used to develop Epic Privacy Browser and the basic purpose was to ensure browsing secured. Its private mode makes it the most personalized browsing for internet surfing. Once you exit the browser, it will immediately delete entire history including website visits, downloads, image searches, restricted site access and even passwords.

Epic takes the responsibility for two major privacy issues i.e. nobody can trace your original IP address while you are surfing and nobody can decode the data you communicated except someone you send it to. A fully encrypted proxy is used to route DNS requests and it also provides safety from user’s own ISP.

Some very important issues which are dealt by Epic are advertisement networks, cookies, tracking scripts, 3rd party widgets, hacking techniques, blocked websites, spies and snoopers.

Keyword searches made using Epic remain completely private and even the search engines like Google and Bing fail to trace back users IP. You can access internet through public networks without any fear while using Epic.

5: SRWare Iron

Another popular private browser is SRWare Iron which has some extreme privacy features. This browser is also believed to be a good alternative to Google Chrome. The best thing about SRware is that it comes with various tools and extensions which provide full customizable use of this browser. It discourages the use of users tracking features while on the other hand, it can block ads to ensure a smoother and better networking experience.

User friendly design with innovative browsing features has made SRWare an ideal browser. Additionally, its faster speed has improved its overall performance and therefore, a vast number of people have started using it for private surfing. This is exclusively suitable for those tech-savvy who need tech focused browsing experience. The tool uses variety of techniques to increase data protection at its best.

6: Comodo Dragon

Same like Epic Privacy, Comodo Dragon has also been built by using Chromium Technology. It has come up with chrome-like features including high level of privacy as well security. The comodo has used its dragon powers to keep its users completely secured from online monitoring.

Comodo is an advanced browser but its user friendly features makes him an ideal choice for users with little knowledge of internet privacy concerns. Comodo has personalized addons and plugins which expand its overall performance. As far as the encryption is concerned, it is remarkable.

Comodo Dragon provides defense to the users against spy cookies especially in a safety composed windows. Its domain validation features enable it to distinguish between inferior and superior SSL. It also make sure that downloads must not be tracked.

7: Yandex Browser

With a highly practical interface, Yandex is more similar to chrome in some ways. It is considered a better option for those users who really care about their online safety while navigating from one site to the other user. Ensuring an error free navigation has made Yandex a wonderful program to try.

Depending upon Chromium Technology, Yandex has used “Flicker” that is more like a checking tool while making downloads. It has even incorporated Kaspersky’s world famous antivirus tool to examine suspicious files and scripts.

The program has been designed to run faster while surfing internet and it may really serve as an alternative browser for various others. Users see a drop-down panel which lets them access a list of websites suggested based on the frequent visits by the users but this may be edited for making it fully personalized.

You will also find a home button on the browser which will lead you to the Home Page. Though, the official language on home page is Russian, it can be translated through add-on or extension. On contrary to the users with limited usage, those who are using Yandex other services might find it more attractive.

8: Dooble Browser is the developer of Dooble Browser that was created for Mac, Linux and Windows. They introduced it as an open source internet browser with some of the top class features long being demanded by the users. It has been designed to protect users’ online privacy while entering the world of wonders.

Dooble has a wonderfully designed desktop which is quite easy to use. It has also integrated insightful FTP browser and a file manger to increase its usability. Besides, a series of simple to understand codes facilitate users who are more willing to go deeper into internal functions.

9: Brave Browser

Brendan Eich, a huge fan of Mozilla project, proclaims that the Brave Browser is a wonderful program that supports Safari and Chrome features as well. It delivers an amazingly high speed with easy to use controls considered to be perfect for huge protection demand.

Those with OS X, Linux and Windows can have full accessibility to the program that turned out to be a good option among secure browsers. The Brave has bravely included HTTPS Everywhere for those with HTTP only and a strong pillar for ads blockage would ease you out with unnecessary wastage of time. The program is constantly being upgraded and improved time to time.

Negative Aspect

Brave Browser has got modern features but it is relatively a new browsing program. The users might find few features difficult to use, yet it is efficient in many ways.

10. Disconnect Browser

The disconnect browser utilizes crawling technology to go deeper into the web to locate those sites which are being used for tracing and monitoring local internet users. This browser would help you get disconnected from those websites which intend to collect user data for marketing, monitoring or other purposes.

While moving around the world of internet through Disconnect Browser, you will receive various warning messages about certain websites. Those websites may try to locate your IP address and collect your data. In some extremely dangerous conditions, you will automatically be disconnected from suspicious websites.

Add-ons to Hide Users’ Browsing Activity

You can level up your overall browsing activities by adding new add-ons to your browser. Here we would like to let you know few very useful add-ones:

  • HTTPS Everywhere: This addon was designed to direct websites towards HTTPS encrypted channels and it was developed by Frontier foundation.
  • uBlock Origin: It comes among browser-based ad blockers. It is designed to prevent advertisers track users.
  • Privacy Badger: This particular addon has come from EFF and it has been very useful in defending users from spying advertisers.
  • NoScript: It features an advanced level of customization and best fits for those with huge protection. This will enable you to choose what content to allow and what to disallow on a particular website.
  • uMatrix: When you need to maximize your authority to prevent every program trying to track you, you choose uMatrix.
  • Random User Agent: If you need an agent that could trick even to the malicious software on Chrome and Firefox, you need Random User Agent add-on.
  • Decentraleyes: While visiting content based networks, this will make sure that you stay safe.
  • Cookie Autodelete: Many websites store cookies in your system and most of them are never required for visiting the linked sites. Cookie autodelete will delete unnecessary cookies.

Final Words

Online security is a huge problem for most of internet users and therefore, one must find a solution. We have discussed some of the most secure web browsers for getting maximum protection from hackers and trackers. Additionally, we have also given some add-ons to get extra protection. Hopefully, these recommendations would be useful for you to ensure 100% privacy, security and protection online.