Best Dedicated IP VPN for Strong Internet Connection

Due to privacy concerns, most of users surf internet through Virtual Private Networks commonly known as VPN. Basically, there are two types of VPN services i.e. dedicated IP and shared IP but customers are always confused which one is better. Well, both of them have their own benefits and can serve differently as per the requirement of clients. To clear doubts from the minds of users, we have decided to discuss here PROS as well as CONS of both options.

Each IP address that you receive from a VP network manager is actually a kind of shared address. In simple words, every user who is linked to a particular server would be sharing same IP address with other users. This brings real big benefits including guarantees for protection and maximum level of anonymity. Hence, nobody can follow back users through their online activities if they are using VPN.

There are various similar VPN services providers who may offer you dedicated IPS. However, if you subscribe such service, you would also receive a classified IP which will remain only in your use. Though, it costs you more than the regular service when you get a dedicated IP, it really works amazingly faster and easier way.

Dedicated IP V/S Shared IP

To compare dedicated IP with shared IP, you can take an example of public transport and your own car. If you travel by a bus that is somewhat like a shared IP where you will see so many strangers getting into it and you can’t stop them. On contrary, if you travel by your own car, that is your dedicated IP and you don’t have to allow other people to get in.

Both types of IP addresses posses some advantages as well as disadvantages. However, a dedicated one would usually have command over the other one. The biggest difference between them is that shared IP is assigned to a big number of people while on the other hand dedicated IP is assigned only to a certain person.

1: Virtual Private Network with a Dedicated IP 

If an IP is dedicated to you, it means you are the only one who is using it and it may not be changed. Every time, you get connected to internet, you can use the same IP address. On contrary, another IP is shared by a number of people and it means every time you get connected to internet, you will be assigned a different address. A dedicated IP has a number of advantages and you would appreciate when you look at them.

Using Steaming Sites including Netflix: If you are a big fan of TV shows and movies, you would like to watch even those Shows specific only to US residents. Unfortunately, Netflix does not allow certain US media libraries to Non US users. However, for quite a long time, virtual private networks have been making Netflix more useful for those who are living in different location other than USA.

Now the things are changed and Netflix monitors users IP addresses which helps it decides if a user is directly connecting to the steaming site or using a VPN. They do it by observing client’s IP address which changes every time they log in from a different IP (shared IP). Once you are caught, you will be banned to use Netflix partially or fully.

On contrary, if you log in to the site every time with the same IP address (dedicated IP) right from the very beginning of your service, they might think you are living in a specific place like USA. This is what will help you become a trusted user and will have no problem in accessing your favorite American TV Shows.

Experiencing Flawless and Smooth Streaming: If you are looking for smooth streaming, you would love to use a dedicated IP which would not just improve credibility but also speed. Just in case you are using a shared one, it is also shared by many other users so the speed may be distributed among others as well. Therefore, we highly recommend specific IP for better and smoother speed which means an incredible streaming experience.

Stay Away from DDoS in Web Based Gaming: If you are mad about games, you would not like to go through Distributed Denial of Service for second time in your life. It is nothing less than a nightmare for a gamer that has been stopped accessing his favorite games. Therefore, if you would love to get access to the top web based games, a dedicated IP supported by virtual private network would bring you surety that you would not get expelled from the gaming zones because of DDoS assaults.

Moreover, it helps gamers deal with inactivity which usually causes trouble for web based games. When you transit information while connected through a regular connection, there could be delay in process due to slow, unprotected and unauthentic connection. On the other hand, a dedicated IP would ease out the flow of information and gamers start experiencing the best.

Make Secure Online Money Transactions: By using a specific IP VPN that is limited to one user only, you can attain top class online protection especially during money transactions. It allows you to use debit and credit cards through a secured IP that does not pose any risks during transactions. The biggest advantage of using this method is that the unauthorized persons i.e. hackers or spies would not be able to deceive you using your own credentials. On the other hand, a regular IP or a shared one would not give you satisfactory guarantee to make online transactions fearlessly.

2: Virtual Private Network with a Shared IP 

As we have discussed various benefits of using a dedicated IP VPN, it is also worth to share some notable advantages of shared IP.

Prices within Budget: Though, a shared IP is distributed among various clients, yet it is the most popular options among internet users. There are various good reasons for its popularity; however, the biggest reason is economical pricing. If you are low in budget, you would definitely like to buy something within your budget.

Easier Server Switching: Second biggest advantage is that using a shared IP would enable you to adjust your location quickly from one place to the other. While in case of a dedicated IP, you would have to be limited to a particular region. For example, if you buy an IP that shows your location somewhere in United Kingdom, it might not be possible for you to change quickly from United Kingdom to United States.

Potentially High Anonymity: Though, a dedicated IP would ensure maximum online security, it might still miss extra level of anonymity sometimes. However, a shared IP would be shared by many others which mean you can get mingled among others. In this way, you can attain even higher level of anonymity.

Final Words

Everyone wants to stay 100% secure while working online either it is the use of social media, banks transaction, shopping or even gaming. So for getting that level of protection, one needs a special IP address given by either a shared IP service or Dedicated IP service. Both the options have their own advantages and disadvantages and the choice depends upon each individual’s requirement. If you are low in budget, shared IP would be the best option for you or if you are looking for extra benefits, dedicated IP could be the best option.