Top 5 Browser Extensions to Protect Your Privacy (2019 Updated)

You might have seen pop-ups appearing many times while visiting different websites. These pop-up display some sort of ads to catch your attention and once you are caught, you can be traced easily. In fact, this is the most destructive part of your browsing journey.

Those who understand the risk involved in clicking on such pop-ups have already started using privacy extensions to block all such ads. Besides, the online traffic goes through an encrypted connection which means monitoring becomes absolutely impossible.

Here we would like to list out top 5 browser extensions which may be fully compatible with Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Safari. These extensions are as follow:

  • HTTPS Everywhere
  • uBlock Origin
  • Self-destructing cookies
  • Privacy Badger
  • Decentraleyes

Below you can also read in details about the functionalities and features of these extensions and which one suits you better as per your requirement.

1: HTTPS Everywhere

EFF and Tor both are well known tech organization and with the joint efforts, they have been able to develop HTTPS Everywhere. The most important thing about this extension is that it will automatically engage with the requests and lead users to HTTPS secure sties. Just in case you accidentally get connected with an unprotected website, this extension will make sure that you don’t lose your personal data.

When HTTPS Everywhere is installed, it automatically sets up a secured connection to Secure Sockets Layer commonly known as SSL. Additionally, it locates most protected version of a sites you are visiting. Undoubtedly, this is one of the best browsing extensions so far which will help you stay secured, protected and hidden throughout browsing.

2: uBlock Origin

If you are looking for an add-on which gives you complete control to block or allow something on a website that is uBlock Origin. Furthermore, it has been developed by using advanced tech which also makes it totally well-matched with popular browsers like Firefox, Chrome and Safari. While using uBlock Origin, you can easily block various elements. Though, it is somewhat complicated to customize features, it is still a good option. If you have some advanced knowledge of using such tools, this could be the best secure browsing add on to ensure privacy.

3: Self-Destructing Cookies

As the name itself says the add-on aims to kill cookies, however, it is much more than just a cookie killer. Self destructing cookies will make sure to delete spy files which are saved in your system. This operation is usually done once the browsers are closed. Besides, the cookies, the other data that could be used for monitoring your activities will also be completely deleted. When you visit a website, it might identify and follow you all across the web. This tool will make sure you are not followed.

Actually, this add on will monitor the cookies that are installed in your system and their activities will get them caught by the tool. So you don’t have to update your list of blacklisted cookies. Users can easily use this tool to destruct cookies when web browser is inactive. It is also capable of killing zombie cookies while all your functions are still effective.

4: Privacy Badger

Few years ago, EFF developed an anti-tracking and monitoring browser extension which was named Privacy Badger. If you are surfing internet through browsers, this tool will make sure that nobody spies on you. This will also block spying cookies to increase protection level. Privacy badger operates a blacklist where it adds harmful websites as well as cookies by observing their overall activities.

One more mentionable thing about this browser is that it is quite light weight which means you can easily use it without putting pressure on your system. Its control bar will record and secure your data. It uses a signal system which has demonstrates through red/green and yellow signals either a site is safe or not safe to use.

5: Decentraleyes

This particular add-on uses quite a different strategy to improve online protection and it does it by eliminating middle agent while delivering desired files directly to the receiver. When you visit a site, it might drop a little cookie in your system which means they could easily record your activity. However, decentraleyes uses local resources to deliver data safely. In fact, you don’t even have to make any kind of configuration to use it correctly.


Nobody likes to see pop-ups appearing while working online because they are irritating. However, they are much more than just irritating ads because your response would enable them to track and follow you. Once you are tracked, your privacy and protection would be at a greater risk. So never let them identify you. Use powerful browser extensions to block pop-ups and protect your privacy.